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Sebastian Baczkiewicz is a critically acclaimed writer for radio, television, and theatre. The first ever BBC writer-in-residence, he is best known for cult drama Pilgrim, and Homefront, the flagship BBC Radio 4 drama set across the centenary of the Great War. Sebastian reinvents myth and folklore through brilliant, funny and bold storytelling, illuminating our unspoken truths and desires through metaphor, and exposing the raw truth of contemporary issues.

I really enjoyed the R4 Pilgrim stories. It reminded me more of Brunner’s Traveller in Black or early versions of the DC Comics’ Phantom Stranger.

– Neil Gaiman on twitter

Loving a good old-fashioned creepy story, Sebastian is influenced by cinema, pop culture and post-war European Theatre. In Sebastian’s worlds, outcasts, weirdos, fanatics and misguided fools share the stage with giants, faeries, imps and dragons. He is currently collaborating with a number of actors on bespoke single voice short plays, trying together to find new ways of creative control and cultural opportunity in this time of restriction.

I also love Neil Gaiman John Harkness, Stuart Jaffe, Mike Mignola Grady Hendrix & Theodora Gross. Oh add Sebastian Baczkiewicz, Jim Butcher and Octavia Butler

– Whoopi Goldberg (on favourite authors)