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Scribe Award Winners Revealed

Splinter Cell continues to receive international  plaudits. The great and prolific Paul Cornell and I were jointly awarded the Scribe Awards at the Comic Con in San Diego for our adaptation! While James Swallow picked up an award for Firewall from whence same adaptation was made.

Splinter Cell: Firewall radio

Scripting the Splinter Cell – Sci-fi Bulletin

One of the producers and the director of Splinter Cell is Nadia Molinari who I’d done all my previous Radio 4 work with and she asked for me for this. I think, me and Sebastian [Baczkiewicz] were both regarded as safe pairs of hands because they didn’t have very long at all to get this done. The gap between Ubisoft saying ‘Yes you can do this’ and it needing to be on air wasn’t very long at all. So we both dived in and did it.

Splinter Cell: Firewall

Splinter Cell: Audio drama, gaming’s next frontier?

Splinter Cell: Firewall is an eight part dramatisation of a novel based on the famous video game franchise.

Sebastian Baczkiewicz, who adapted the Firewall story for Radio 4 and BBC Sounds, hopes that just because this is a story based on a gaming franchise, it won’t be pigeonholed as something for younger listeners only: “Trying to reach new audiences is always part of what we do and hopefully this will find an audience”.