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Doing what exactly?

Exciting days in the Strudel Factory!

Huge apologies for the looong delay but I’ve been head down writing a Science Fiction pod cast for a new Cardiff based company Audiama. The eight part series is entitled Lonely No More and it’s not so much about invasion as evolution. I’ll tell you more about it when I have details closer to its release date. Needless to say it’s an epic and one of the most ambitious stories I’ve ever attempted to tell.

As Halloween approaches there’s just time to listen to…

Which I wrote about in my last serving. It had a great review in Sci-Fi Bulletin and a  very generous review from Anna Jones in the Radio Times. It was also pick of the week in the Observer!

As for Pilgrim I can confirm that  a two part special for radio 4 has been commissioned and a new original TV show featuring Pilgrim is slated to go into development at Sky – more about that next time. It was also very amazing to be see  this from the Independent. A real and amazing honour  – thank you!

Blimey – as if that were not enough there’s also this little bauble that I and my co-writer Paul Cornell won for Splinter Cell from the prestigious people of ComicCon no less. They engraved (!!!) my name wrong but, hey…

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